District heating is generated alongside electricity in a high-efficiency co-generation process at heat and power plants owned by KOGENERACJA S.A. Renewable energy sources (RES) are used to generate some of our production. We use biomass to partially replace coal for combustion in dedicated systems. District heating is supplied to our customers as hot water, distributed through the heating network to heat exchangers located in their buildings. Water from the network heats up water circulating in the building’s internal systems.

District heat is used for central heating, hot utility water, ventilation and industrial processes.


Advantages of District Heating


Environmental protection

  • our heat generation process meets international standards
  • no low emissions at the place of residence
  • dust, sulphur and nitrogen emission reduction owing to new environmental systems


  • no explosion, fire, carbon oxide or flue gas poisoning hazards
  • improved rooms ventilation
  • guaranteed low failure rate of heat exchangers

Stable price

  • heat prices are supervised by the Energy Regulatory Office
  • the prices change no more than once per year
  • no impact of currency fluctuation on heat prices

User comfort

  • the heating system operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
  • permanent access to hot water
  • no heating fuel storage problems
  • clean apartments, cellars and staircases


rury ciepłownicze

The reach of the heating network

KOGENERACJA S.A. owns the heating network that supplies the residents of the Siechnice commune. It also has its own network in Wrocław supplying customers from EC Zawidawie.

District heating network Siechnice (PDF)

District heating network Wrocław Zawidawie (PDF)



  • Connection to the district heating network​​​​​​​

- Design and construction of the heating network and connection to the building

- It is possible to design and build a heat distribution centre

  • Supply of network heat to single and multi-family houses, commercial and public buildings, and industrial facilities


Details on the connection process

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