Support program for connecting buildings to the heating network in the city of Wrocław in order to improve their energy efficiency for 2024

Connection to the Network


Wrocław - Zawidawie

Siechnice and Święta Katarzyna

Regulatory table for the heating system

Regulatory table for the heating system of EC Wrocław and EC Czechnica for the heating season 2021/2022 – effective from 1 October 2021


With sustainability in mind, we encourage you to take advantage of electronic invoicing, a completely secure and environmentally friendly form of receiving payment documents, without the need to print them out.

E-invoice is a convenient and secure equivalent to a paper document.

Each electronic invoice issued by Zespół Elektrociepłowni Wrocławskich KOGENERACJA S.A. is marked with a qualified electronic signature, which enables the unambiguous identification of its issuer and guarantees its integrity and authenticity, thus ensuring tax security. E-invoice with a qualified electronic signature is as valid and indisputable as a paper invoice.

Invoice waiting times are short as electronic invoices are sent directly to the indicated e-mail address. As supplier invoices are received more quickly, the process of closing financial periods runs more smoothly. In addition, you will gain more time to pay the invoice, which saves you costs due to accrued interest.

E-invoice is environmentally friendly and reduces paper consumption. By choosing e-invoices, we protect the environment.

How to start using the service?

- Fill in a consent form to receive the invoice electronically:

  • Give your name and exact address. Business entities should give their company name,NIP [VAT] No., and address
  • Give your name, phone number, and contact persons
  • enter the e-mail address of the purchaser/invoice recipient
  • Sign the completed form legibly. If you run a buissness, affix a company stamp
  • Submit the form by mail or in person to our Custom Service Office at ul. Łowiecka 24 in Wrocław

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Restriction plan for heat supply and consumption for 2022-2024